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Core Dump
December 14th, 2008 
Friday I left my office as soon as my friend Renukaprasad told me to pick RMS from an auditorium near Reserve Bank of India, where he was listening to a live concert. I took an auto and went to meet Renukaprasad who was there with him. I joined RMS and Dora for the concert. He was loving the Indian classical dance and music. After the concert we moved to the house where he was staying. I brought him dinner. I never imagined in my life to have a dinner with RMS and Dora. I helped RMS to backup Dora's files from her laptop to an external harddisk. After the dinner I left my home with some sweet memories.

Saturday morning I woke up at 8 A.M. RMS had a talk at NMKRV college at Jayanagar. I reached little late because of not reading the mails properly. Well I managed to reach 1 hour late :) When I reached there Anivar was installing Debian in Dora Scilipoti's lappy.

Now I went inside the hall to take a snap of Richard.

After that I went to take a snap with Dora Scilipoti.

Took some snaps of Renukaprasad's kid. I love kids :)


A snap, I took when RMS released the book by clicking the website. You can go through this link.

After the event we moved to a restaurent to have food. I took a snap of Richard's lappy :)

After that I went along with RMS to visit the Ambedkar community computing center. 

RMS inaugurated a room with Mani's painting.

I was thrilled by seeing the paintings of Mani. He used GIMP for painting.


Saru showed RMS the presentation using Open Office. RMS requested them to make 2 minor changes. Later he mentioned they were really small changes. He was really happy. Here are some of the snaps of RMS with Mani and his painting and saru.


RMS also released a book. 

RMS answered few questions which the CCC people wanted to know. Senthil helped RMS to translate his speech to both Tamil and Kannada.

Altogether both the RV College event and Ambedkar CCC event were nice.

After the CCC event I went with RMS to the place where Indian classical music program was held. The program was held at Malleshwaram. During the journey we had a tea break. We moved to a restaurent where RMS checked his mail.

We reached Malleshwaram around 6.15 PM. After the program Dora Scilipoti wished to shop at Malleshwaram. I accompanied her to buy a bed sheet.

More photos can be seen here.

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