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Core Dump
Platelet donation 
26th-Dec-2008 10:34 pm
Today morning I reached office. As usual booted lappy(achu). She booted well. As soon as I logged in to gmail, Ashish pinged me asking my blood group. As I am A+, I matched with one of the list he gave me. Ashish told me that Anitha will ping later. I was waiting for Anitha to come online. When she came online she asked my blood group and requested my mobile number. She mentioned, Shyam would call me in a few minutes. After a few minutes I got call from Shyam asking whether I could reach hospital.

Its for the first time I am donating blood. I felt proud about myself. I told my mother about the blood donation. She was little nervous. Shyam told me to reach Manipal hospital located at the old airport road(near to Leela Palace). I reached there in time. I was given a form to fill, where I found some funny questions(though they were not). One of the question was whether I had sex with any unkown person in past six months. Err. 

My blood was taken for priliminary tests. It seemed ok. The doctor made me wait for nearly 20-30 mins to take my platelets.
Finally doctor called me around 4.30 PM. I wasn't nervous. I was nervous when I were a kid. Its been long time since any doctor had used syringe on me. By 6 PM doctor told me the game was over. I had the juice given by a nurse. I were feeling sleepy. I returned my home and had a good dinner with my room mate Vijay.

Am still sleepy :(.  Something good I did before my death :)
30th-Dec-2008 12:25 pm (UTC) - kollaam
finally the blood is flowing down... that too spreading it horizontally uh???
hope nothing happened because of that:)

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